mutiple myeloma, what?

so my dad has just been diagnosed with this blood cancer. we are waiting to see what the details are… but for now, this is all we know. this could get interesting.
his attitude is phenomenal so far… i’m praying that this will persist. he is certainly a beacon of light and strength… he’s taught me that my whole life… now let’s see what i will do with it.
here are the facts:
we know God has a plan for our lives, not to harm, but to prosper
we know that God is the provider, healer, lover of our souls
we know that God WILL be glorified, we want to be part of that.
we know that we do not know the future, but He does.

based on these truths, I rest in a peace that passes comprehension, knowing that God is in total control-wonder what he will do? we will see won’t we?


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